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Our commodity and Logistics solutions include:      Identification and selection of reliable buyers and sellers of commodities      Facilitating sample requests, site visits and testing      Supplying and sourcing of truck loads, long-term transport and      Earth-moving contracts      Contract negotiation, translation and management      Overall risk management      We buy and sell Truck Tractors, Trailers and all Earthmoving Equipment.      Selling diesel and oil at Fleet discount.      Selling new and recapped tyres for Trucks, Trailers and Earthmoving       equipment at discounted prices.      Traders of Fleet Satellite equipment, Tracking devices and video       surveillance systems.      Supplying Breakdown and Mechanical Services.
Our international commodity trading and Logistics services enable commodity producers to market their products into international markets while assisting buying firms secure reliable supplies from commodity producers. We Trade in Ores and Concentrates (Chrome, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Lead). Fuels (Coal, LNG, Diesel, Jet Fuel)
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