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Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) OHS is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of the people engaged at work and their surroundings. The main goal of all SHEQ programs is to foster a safe working environment. At Alora we develop products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs in accordance with the South African Legislation (OHSA Act 85 of 1993) and to develop safety and health culture. Our services include: ● Site Safety Management Plans ● OHS Monitoring Plan Development ● Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) ● OHS Legal & Other Requirements Identification & Documentation ● OHS Appointments ● Job Safety Analysis ● Site Inspections ● PPE Surveys & Evaluations ● Behaviour Based Safety Programmes ● Incident Investigations and Analysis ● Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans
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Occupational Hygiene We carry out Design and Management of Occupational Hygiene programs, including the development, design and implementation of the programs to suit the needs of the specific client in compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996), International Guidelines & Standards and other Industry Best Practices. The specific services offered include; ● Noise Surveys / Assessments (Occupational Environmental Noise) ● Assessment of Illumination (Day, Night & Emergency Lighting) ● Ergonomics Assessments ● Ventilation Assessments ● Asbestos Assessments (Inventory and Air Sampling) ● Measurement of Dust, Gases, Fumes and Vapors    (Hazardous Chemical Substances) Thermal Comfort Assessments (Heat & Cold Stress) ● Indoor Air Quality Assessments ● Human Vibration Assessments (WBV & HAV) ● Non- Ionizing Radiation (Electromagnetic) Assessments ● Canteen Hygiene Inspections & Monitoring ● Sanitation and Plant Hygiene Amenities Surveys ● Hazardous Biological Agents Assessments
Environmental Management We offer a comprehensive range of Environmental services to enhance the clients’ compliance with, environmental risk management, statutory and regulatory environmental requirements and environmental performance and reputation. The services include: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLANNING AND PLANS •Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIAs) •Development of Site/Project Environmental Management Programs/Plans (EMPs) •Waste Management Plans •Landfill Designs •Integrated Water Management Plans •Conservations Plan •Ecosystems Management •Contaminated Lands/ Sites Remediation Plans •Environmental Permits/ Licenses Applications & Consultancy •Environmental Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning • Environmental Performance Monitoring Plans & Reporting Scheme POLLUTION ABATEMENT •Development of Groundwater monitoring points •Surface and Groundwater Quality Assessments •Rehabilitation of Contaminated Lands /Sites •Wetland Delineation and Assessments •Biodiversity Assessments •Invasive Alien Plant Species Control •Management of Hazardous Chemicals •Waste Management- General & Hazardous •Waste Landfills Management •GIS & Remote Sensing WATER MANAGEMENT •Catchment Mapping and Modeling •Hydrological Surveys •Hydro Informatics •Integrated Urban Water Management CLIMATE CHANGE STRATEGIES AND SUSTAINABLE REPORTING •Cleaner Production Techniques •Feasibility Studies of Cleaner Energy Projects and Designs for Environment •Energy Saving Strategies •Advisory Role on Renewable Energy •Determination of Sustainable Utilization Quotas •ODS and ODSDE Phase-Out Strategies •Sustainability Reporting based on GRI Systems
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